OLED Material

Our many chemists have rich experience in OLED materials R&D, Many of them have been trained overseas. With this team, we have the capability of supporting all kinds of chemistry projects,can provide custom synthesis from the laboratory scale to commercial production.

Product Features
1)Structure and Functions of OLED

The core organic OLED materials, HIL, HTL, and EML, play the following functions.
HIL : Facilitates the injection of holes from the anode to the organic layer
HTL : Effectively transfers the injected holes to the emitting layer
ETL : Facilitates the injection and transfer of electrons from the cathode
EML : The holes and electrons are combined and converted to light energy which emits light

2) Principle of OLED
When a voltage is applied to the OLED electrodes, holes are injected and transported from the anode while electrons are injected and transported from the cathode. They are combined in the emitting layer (EML). The excitons produced at this time are changed to ground state and generate light.



  • OLED phone,watch...

  • Flexible display

  • OLED Light

Whether products or services, We are all very famous in OLED material fields. we are the key supplier of SumSung,LG,DOW,etc.

Our Chemical Service Facilities :
● 2 R&D centers, 3 product bases,with multi-function Pilot plant.
● Organic Synthesis: High pressure reactors, Parr hydrogenator, and Microwave reactor
● Reactors from 5 liter to 30000 liter. GLS/SS materials of construction standard temperature range: -100°C to +300°C, Standard pressure range: vacuum up to 30 MP
● Analytical laboratories incorporating a broad range of qualified analytical instrumentation,including:HPLC, LC-MS, GC, GC-MS, NMR (300, 400 MHz), Prep-LC, flash column chromatography system, dissolution bath, UV and more.

The reaction that we specialize in:

Suzuki reaction
Ullmann reaction
Buchwald-Hartwig reaction
Sandmeyer reaction
Skraup reaction
Halogenating reaction
Low temp reaction
Halo exchange reaction
Nitration reaction

Product Catalog
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